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DX16I and DX16T Multi channel splitters


The DX16XI and DX16XT are high performance 16 channel 3 way audio signal splitter units. The DX16XI is a pure path split, whilst the DX16XT offers transformer isolated audio splits.

Primarily designed for microphone signals, the DX16XI and DX16XT are extremely flexible units suitable for use in live performance and recording environments where split audio feeds are required to be simultaneously distributed to the FOH, monitor console, and or recording engineer.

Connectivity is proved in the form of 16 XLR inputs and outputs on the front panel, with a further 32 channel outputs in the form of XLR and 25-pin D-Sub on the rear.

Entirely passive, neither the DX16XI nor DX16XT require a power supply. A sturdy 2RU metal chassis construction ensures maximum durability for the road or studio.

ADP71 Studio AV Preamp Decoder unit

The ďADP71ď 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder features a multitude of analog, digital, and S-Video inputs. Remote control selection of both visual and audio signals is available for a wide range of source material.

With active monitors becoming extremely popular in home theaters and professional studios alike, the need for a compact preamp decoder without a power amplifier stage has become apparent. The ADP71 is perfect when used as the main control hub bridging all audio and video connections together while offering a simple yet powerful monitoring control solution. It is also useful for the mixer-less DAW studio with itís unique DB25 connection allowing multichannel input from external sources to be switched in and bypass the internal DSP.

The ADP71 uses a dual DSP, one is for decoding the signal and the second for giving users the ultimate control over the sound of their system. For the first time a 5 band Parametric EQ per speaker output is available for users to tune their system.

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